Features that benefit all contractors.

Explore these simple yet sophisticated features and use them anywhere, anytime – whether you’re at your desk, on-site or at home.

  • Automatic email reminders

    You’ll never have to ‘remember’ to raise an application for payment or payment notice again!

  • Go mobile

    Progressclaim.com works on all mobile and tablet devices! Prepare, apply, assess, certify from anywhere!

  • Prove your work in real time

    Submit your application for payment on-site with a photo you have just taken!

  • Works with existing systems

    No need to replace any software or systems you are currently using.

  • Easy documentation

    Professional, conforming documentation in PDF to email, print or keep stored securely in the cloud forever.

  • Easy variations

    Add and manage variations with ease and get the answers on variations before your next application for payment. No more doubts!

  • Instant retention tracking

    Project-to-date retention notified every time!

  • Simple and easy to use

    Intuitive forms just require you to enter information – no complicated accounting system!

  • Written explanations of all modifications

    Understand exactly what is and isn’t getting paid and why. Real detail!

  • Submit and approve applications for payment in seconds

    Simply update completions and click submit. That’s it!

  • Conforming with ease

    Now you can issue conforming payment notices and applications for payment instantly. Easy!

  • Shared system

    The information you need, in a format you understand, on time and accurate.

  • Rapid manager

    Bulk approve applications for payment in a few clicks.

  • Compliance checklist

    Manage and track document compliance for all contractors.

  • User permission

    At project by project as well as organisation level.

  • Reporting

    Beautiful, simple management reporting.

  • Workflow management

    Multi-stage approval process.