Cancellation and Refund Policy Pty Ltd ACN 115 789 065 ( “”) owns the Website situated at (the “Website”).

For any queries relating to any cancellation or refund affected by this policy, you can contact us on +44 (0) 191 280 5076.


To cancel your subscription plan you must notify our support team to inform them of your request, otherwise it will renew automatically. Following notification to cancel your plan, your account will be disabled and your subscription plan will expire within twenty (20) working days of receipt of your written cancellation request.

You may cancel your subscription plan at any time during your subscription plan period, but please be aware that any refund of the Service Fee will be given in accordance with the refund policy below.

This cancellation policy is part of the terms and conditions of the Web Site User and Service Agreement that you must accept prior to purchasing one of our subscription plans.

If you wish to renew your policy but we are unable to receive payment of the Service Fee from you, your subscription plan will be suspended until all subscription fees are received by us in cleared funds.

Refund through the Website  provides an online demonstration that you can use to help determine whether the Website satisfies your needs. As a matter of course, no refund is offered to any Service Fee (as defined in the Terms of Use) paid to purchase your subscription plan and any refund will be given at our sole discretion. Please use the online demonstration service contained at [INSERT URL] to make sure you are happy with the Website prior to committing to the purchase of one of our subscription plans.
Where you wish to cancel your subscription plan part way through your subscription period, you will not be able to claim back any portion of the Service Fee paid for the unused remainder of your subscription period.

In circumstances such as unscheduled downtime or customer dissatisfaction with our services, offers two types of remedies depending on the subscription plan you have purchased and the nature of the inconvenience or complaint. For users of the Basic, Standard and Premium plans, all refunds are given in the form of free extensions to your current subscription period, during which time you will be able to use those services included in your subscription plan free of charge. Any extension is discretionary and subject to variation. By way of example, to receive an extension of 24 hours to your subscription, a [insert description], is required.

For users of our service on a ‘pay-per-claim’ basis, refunds are given in the form of ‘pay-per-claim’ credits to the relevant user’s account. Any credits are calculated [INSERT DESCRIPTION] Any credit can only be used against future claims and they have no cash equivalent value.

In circumstances where you forget to cancel your subscription plan, we may offer a refund of the Service Fee paid if you have not used your account during the renewal period. Any refund is, however, offered at our sole discretion and may be pro-rated accordingly.

If you notify us of your intention to cancel your subscription plan in accordance with the cancellation policy and we fail to action that request, we will provide you with a refund of any overpaid Service Fee.

No refunds of any Service Fee, credits or extensions to your subscription period will be given for the time when your account has been suspended through no fault of


In the case of an unforeseen event occurring on the Website which affects your ability to access data and other features that you have purchased a subscription for, will offer an appropriate time extension to your subscription plan in lieu of a partial refund. Extensions will only be granted to Users who actively are trying to use the Website during a period when a downtime has occurred.

The User must send a written request to the support team at [INSERT CONTACT DETAILS] with details of the period when the downtime occurred. The Website support team will assess the request within 20 working days of receipt and provide an appropriate time extension to your subscription plan if the claim is substantiated. Please note that will only approve these requests if it is satisfied no other users were logged into the Website at the alleged period of downtime. will not approve the request in the case of the problem being related to the User’s personal computer and/or internet connection. Extensions will not be approved for a scheduled period of downtime where a forewarning notice has been sent to Website Users prior to the period of downtime occurring.

This refund policy is part of the Terms and conditions of the Website and Service Agreement that you must accept prior to purchasing one of our subscription plans.